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Teighlor Cornwall

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported my store in the past and continues to support me. However, due to changes in my life I am unable to keep the store running in it's current capacity. 
I have a new job which has me working an average of 10 hours 4 days a week. Leaving me only Friday to Sunday to myself. This too is also about to change as I will soon be required to work Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday too. Therefore, it has been extremely difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of orders I have been receiving. 
The store will be closed indefinitely. Although I hope to only be gone for a month maybe two I just do not know what the future holds. My body is slowly adjusting to working such long days but I still have a ways to go. Although I work in an abattoir I thankfully am only responsible for placing pricing labels on products. That is not to say my work is easy, constantly moving products quickly and standing for that long is really doing a number on my back and legs. These changes have made my free time on the weekend a time of rest but I digress. 
I hope that I haven't dissappointed any of you with my departure. Anyone with currently open orders please come join our Facebook group to keep up to date or send me a message through our Facebook Page. I am an open book. I am doing everything I can to have your orders out ASAP.
As for the store when it returns it will likely be downsized in order to accommodate my limited free time.
Thank you all again.
I love you all so much. 


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